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Store Fixturing

Few companies have more experience in Store Fixturing than Greg Construction. We’ve installed showcases, counters, partitions, dividers, gondolas, kiosks, cases, islands, workstations, wall units, metal racks, reception areas, cash register wraps and more since 1969 when the “big box” retail industry as we know it today was in its infancy.

Over the years we’ve mastered management and scheduling techniques which allow us to routinely fast-track open store renovations, department relocations and new fixture installation projects from start-to-finish and coast-to-coast.

Our proven track record in multiple markets and a national subcontractor base of qualified installers allows us to implement large scale roll-out programs for major retailers in which literally hundreds of stores are scheduled for work simultaneously.

We work directly with national retailers as well as partner with store fixturing manufacturers.

Our broad experience with both retailers and manufacturers including Meg Stores, Syndicate Systems, Darling Store Fixtures, Morgan Marshall, Paltier Store Fixtures and Space Master, Inc. has created a niche market for ourselves and keeps us well-equipped to meet the exciting challenges and unprecedented opportunities that lay ahead.

To better serve our clients, we stay updated on the latest market trends, technologies, construction and safety issues, and regularly review our internal processes to find added-value solutions for your projects.

If you’re planning a retail program, look to Greg’s knowledge, experience and proven track record to accommodate all of your store fixturing needs.

We play an integral role in Kmart’s Design and Construction Program, having performed construction services for more than 450 stores in the past five years. We are an ‘Extended Team Member’ of Kmart’s on-going Design and Construction Program, demonstrating genuine teamwork and the adoption of cultural principles crucial to the success of the      Kmart team.

“Your talent, experience, construction knowledge, and ‘great sense of urgency’ exceeds others in the field. You have proven exceptional Construction Management skills through the delivery of numerous Kmart projects, on time and controlling Kmart funds wisely.”

D. A. Holtrey

Team Director

Big K - Design/Construction

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